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Music for Native American Flute, Volume One Media $21.95
Nighteagle flute media 1 If you are looking for a variety of magical tunes from all over the world to play on your Native American flute, Music for Native American Flute, Volume One is the book for you. It includes 40 pieces set in the Nakai system of tablature notation (Nakai TAB). All of the pieces have fingering charts beneath every note. The book also includes fingering charts for both pentatonic and extended scales.

It is not necessary to read music or TAB to play the tunes in this book. The accompanying CD features all of the tunes in book order. Those players who don't read music or tablature can use the CD to learn the rhythms of the pieces.

The music in this volume was thoughtfully - and joyfully - selected specifically for Native American Flute. Wandering Kokopelli-style through a world of tunes, the author chose dances, lilts, and ancient songs, some as old as the rock art images of Kokopelli himself: a dance from the Greek islands, a rant from the Scottish highlands, a melody from the mountains of Peru, and an ancient song captured almost 800 years ago by the quill of a Castilian king.

Each tune has that inexplicable but necessary magic, the quality which draws the flutist to play it again, just one more time...

Watch a short video about the book at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOL-ubLQeMw&feature=channel

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Torn from the heart by David Nighteagle Media $18.00
Nighteagle flute media 4 David's newest release features Native American flutes, acoustic guitar, and the beautiful voice of Courtney Brocks. Torn From the Heart: "The Journey" is the telling of Native peoples' struggle from first contact with Columbus to present Reservation life and the constant belief in a better future.

David's other CDs, "Mesa Anthology" and "Circle Around the Moon," are available as instant downloads from http://davidnighteagle.com/process.php?pname=ShopfrontProcess-Start

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