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Due to an injury, the production of Nighteagle Flutes is at a temporary halt. The flutes listed for sale online at this time are the whole of our inventory.
Hopefully we'll be back making flutes before long. Thanks for your patience meanwhile.
The word bead originally meant prayer. People from many cultures have been making and trading beads for thousands of years. Early Native Americans made and traded beads of shell, bone, horn, hoof, and stone. They used them for decoration, spiritual expression, and as records of their history. For several hundred years, Native Americans have prized Venetian glass and metal beads.
Crow beads, in opaque, translucent, or lustre finish, are available in a variety of colors.
Whiteheart beads, some uniquely radiant, are also available in several colors.
Polished brass crow beads lend a warm glow.