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Please note:
Due to an injury, the production of Nighteagle Flutes is at a temporary halt. The flutes listed for sale online at this time are the whole of our inventory.
Hopefully we'll be back making flutes before long. Thanks for your patience meanwhile.

Modern techniques are employed when making Nighteagle flutes in order to ensure a professional-quality, Western-tuned instrument. Accurate intonation means our Native American style flutes can be played with other European and American instruments.

Traditional techniques, taught to David Nighteagle by his Lakota Sioux grandfather, are used to fashion the instrument's voice, that unique and beautiful sound for which the Native American style flute is known.

Great care is taken to create flutes with accurate intonation and traditional sound. A Nighteagle flute is an heirloom instrument that can be passed down through the generations.

Nighteagle flutes are handcrafted from prime grade American Cherry, Black Walnut, and Aromatic Cedar. Over the years, we have chosen these woods for their acoustic as well as visual depth and beauty.

  • Aromatic Cedar has a mysterious quality. Visually it can be interesting because of the variations in color due to its white or cream colored sapwood and red heartwood. The knots are also quite beautiful. Aromatic Cedar is famous for its wonderful smell.
  • American Cherry is golden in color and ages beautifully, deepening to reddish over time. A close look at cherry reveals delicate red or green stripes in its lovely grain.
  • Black Walnut is a rich, deep brown with dark grain marks. Occasionally it contains blond. Harder than cedar, it has a subtle honey-like smell.

Our flutes are natural, never stained. The beautiful colors come from the wood itself. The depth and glow are brought out by a hand-rubbed clear oil finish followed by buffing with carnauba and beeswax.

Theoretically, the properties of the wood affect the flute's sound. However, it is more likely that the particular cut of the airway and other factors are dominant in determining your flute's individual sound.

Occasionally flutes of other woods are offered for sale. Please check back for updates.

There is no right or wrong choice of key or tonal range unless you intend to play with another musician whose instrument is in a particular key. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one Native American style flute, you already know that the key or tonal range of a flute does have an effect on how and what you play, especially when improvising. Having flutes in more than one key is a real treat. It certainly makes for a more interesting musical experience.

Our Native American style flutes are available in the following ranges:

The Treble in G is the most popular and the easiest Native American style flute to begin on. It is a mid-range flute, and so is very versatile. It's as at home with slow, sustained pieces as quick, lively ones. The treble has a lovely tone and comfortable fingering. Flute players are probably more likely to have a G flute than any other, so it's the best choice if you want to play with others. The treble is also available in the keys of F# and G#.
Click  to listen to Treble in G

The High Treble in Bb is sweet and birdlike. It's great for lively tunes and calls with trills and other ornaments. It can also sing a fine ballad. Because it has the smallest fingering holes, this Native American style flute - sometimes called "grandchild's flute" - is a great choice for children and others with small fingertips. The high treble is also available in the key of A.
Click  to listen to High Treble in Bb

The Basses have a satisfying depth of tone and a rich, haunting sound:

The Bass in E is a good choice for a first bass flute since beginners usually find the deeper basses somewhat more difficult to play.
Click  to listen to Bass in E

The Deep Bass is lower than the Bass. The standard Deep Bass is in D. It is also available in Eb.
Click  to listen to Deep Bass in D

The Contrabass is the lowest Nighteagle flute. Usually pitched in C, it is also available in B. It is better to have some playing experience on the smaller flutes before buying a Contrabass Native American style flute.
Click  to listen to Contrabass in C

  • Nighteagle Native American style flutes are completely handcrafted
  • Only music grade, quality woods are used
  • All Nighteagle Native American style flutes are six-hole flutes
  • A full line of tones is available: treble, bass, deep bass, and contrabass
  • Electronic tuners are used to assure precise and accurate pitch
  • The interior is sealed under low pressure to protect it from the player's breath moisture
  • The exterior has a hand rubbed oil finish and is polished with carnauba and beeswax
  • Leather and 19th century style glass beads are used to decorate the flutes
  • Instructions and care and handling tips are included
  • Each flute is signed and numbered
  • The flutes carry a lifetime guarantee against inherent defects